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           Specialty Crops

Overview information
Transition to Organic Farming (OMAFRA)
Transitioning to Certified Organic Farming (COG)

The Weather Network Farmzone
Environmental Canada Weather Office - BC Page
14-Day Soil Moisture Outlook for Canada and Alaska
BC Evapotranspiration - Schedule Irrigation Calculator (IABC)
Calculate Your Corn Heat Units (Farmwest)
Growing Degree Days (Farmwest)

Organic Agroforestry
Refining Agroforestry Systems for Sustainable Agro-Ecosystems (U Guelph)
Cut and Dried Flowers
Planting an Organic Cut Flower Garden
Melanie Devault: Specialty Cut Flower Corner (Rodale Archives)

Organic Honey Standards (an international overview by Organic Facts)
Suppliers of Organic Honey
Using Formic & Oxalic Acids for treatment of Varroa & Tracheal
Scientific Evidence Supporting MiteGone Use (MiteGone)

Organic Flax Production in IOWA (ISU 1.45MB )
Comparable flax yields show organic methods work

Industrial Hemp Production in Canada (A 2010 overview by AARD)
Industrial Hemp (BCMAL 1999 95kb - slightly dated but contains some useful information)
Industrial Hemp in the BC Peace (BCMAL 2000)

Herbs (see Medicinal Plants below)

Organic Matters: Consideration for Organic Herb Production (ATTRA)


Small Scale & Organic Hops Production Manual (Crannog Ales 800 KB)
Fresh Hops (Freshops)
Identifying and Harnessing HIPPOs for Hop and Grape Pest Management (WSU)
Humulus info. (ARS-Grin)
Hops (Purdue)

Medicinal Plants
A Mixed Herb (medicinal/certified organic) Production Budget (BCMAFF '02/pdf)

YarrowAmerican Skullcap (certified organic) Production Budget (BCMAFF '02/pdf)
Calendula Flower (certified organic) Production Budget (BCMAFF '02/pdf)
Catnip Herb (certified organic) Production Budget
(BCMAFF '02/pdf)
Dandelion Root (certified organic) Production Budget
(BCMAFF '02/pdf)
German Chamomile Flower (certified organic) Production Budget
(BCMAFF '02/pdf)
Lavender Flower (certified organic) Production Budget (BCMAFF '02/pdf)
Lemon Balm Herb (certified organic) Production Budget (BCMAFF '02/pdf)
Licorice Root (certified organic) Production Budget
(BCMAFF '02/pdf)
Marshmallow Root (certified organic) Production Budget (BCMAFF '02/pdf)
Nettle Herb (certified organic) Production Budget (BCMAFF '02/pdf)
Passion Flower Herb (certified organic) Production Budget (BCMAFF '02/pdf)
Red Clover Flower (certified organic) Production Budget (BCMAFF '02/pdf)
Shepherd's Purse Herb (certified organic) Production Budget (BCMAFF '02/pdf)
Yarrow Flower Herb (certified organic) Production Budget (BCMAFF '02/pdf)

BC Herb Growers Association
Herb Research Foundation
Richters ProGrowers Info
Northern Prairie Herbarium (USGS)
Herb Growing and Marketing Network
Lavender (MDA State)
Herb Database (OHGA)
Henriette's Plant Pictures
Mushroom (MDA State)
Growing camelina, safflower in the Pacific Northwest (Science Daily)
Pumpkins (OACC, PDF)
Pumpkins (Rural Delivery and OACC)
Safflower (MDA State)
Sesame (Purdue)
Sunflower (MDA State)
Vernonia (MDA State)
Sprouts (MDA State)
Stevia (PMRC)
The Cultivation of Stevia (OMAFRA)

Elsewhere on this site
Pertinent Federal (Canadian) & Provincial (BC) Regulations
Organic Dairy Farming in Canada
Farm Equipment
Marketing Your Product
Organic Prices (fruit and vegetables)
Small Scale Food Processing
Pest Management
Soil (Canada, USA) and Water (BC, Alberta) Testing Labs & Services

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