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Market Overview

* Who Owns What? - charts showing corporate ownership of organic companies (Cyber-Help)
Consumer Perceptions of Pasture-raised Beef and Dairy Products (Leopold)
* Marketing Intelligence (Cyber-Help)
10 Web Marketing Tips for Farmers (Andrew Angus and Christie Young)
Sustaining Organic Farms in a Changing Organic Marketplace (OFRF '04)
'08 - Organic Agricultural Products: Marketing & Trade Resources (USDA)
Organic (Vista/pdf)
Canadian Organic Food Industry Report (USDA-FAS/pdf)
Recent Growth Patterns in the U.S. Organic Foods Market (ERS/pdf)

Identifying Market Gaps

Market Trends (OTA)
Organic Market Surveys & Trends (OACC mainly Canadian materials)
Organic Growing Practices Establish A Clear Market Position VISTA/September 2000 (page 5-7/pdf)
Attracting Consumers With Locally Grown Products (UNL/pdf)
Profile of The Canadian Game Bird Industry (Agri-food Canada).
Approaching Foodservice Establishments With Locally Grown Products (UNL/400kb PDF)
Saanich Organics - a model for sustainable agriculture through co-operation
The Victoria region, an epicentre in Canada for small organic farms that are directly marketing in their communities, may have answers on how to revitalize the agricultural sector and to encourage youth entrepreneurship in agriculture. What follows is a case study of three organic farms on the Saanich Peninsula, run by women under 40, who are making their living farming. A key to their success is their ability to work co-operatively together. Their co-operative enterprise is called Saanich Organics.
Read the full paper [PDF 9.5MB]

Evaluating the Market

A Profile of the Canada Organic Industry and Its Issues (2007 Alberta Gov)
Sectoral Profile: Organic Dairy Industry in Canada (2006 AAFC)
Organic Food Trends Profile (2009 USA)
Profitability on a Small Farm by Paul and Sandy Arnold (COG 114kb pdf)
Vegetable Production Costs (UC Davis)
A Marketing Guide for Farm Product
(Kootenay Organic Growers 2003/pdf)
Evaluating a Rural Enterprise (ATTRA)
Market Guide for Alberta Food Processors (ALAg)
Entertainment Farming & Agri-Tourism (ATTRA)
Planning Procedures for Marketing Organic Fruit and Vegetables (TAMU)
Marketing Organic Grains (ATTRA)
Organic Feed Study Evaluates market opportunities for organic feed in the USA and Europe
The Hot 50 Farm Marketing Tips
Canada '08 - Benchmarking Study for Organic Tomatoes. For access visit the File Request page.
Canada '09 - Benchmarking Study for Organic Beef. For access, visit the File Request page.

Checking Fruit / Vegetable / Medicinal Herbs - Price and Trends

An Overview of the Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food System 2007 (AAFC, pdf, 1.1 MB)
* Organic Fruit and Vegetable Prices (Cyber)
Organic Prices - USA (USDA)
Organic Farmgate and Wholesale Prices (USDA)
InfoHort - Email Notifications (Montreal & Toronto Daily Price, Apple & Potato & Vegetable Storage) (AgCan)
Monthly Medicinal Herbs and Spice Prices (AgCan)

Checking Grains/Oilseed Price and Price Trends

Bi-weekly Bulletins from AAFC's Market Analysis Division
Canadian Wheat Board
Manitoba Markets - Grains and Oilseeds
Saskatchewan Ag and Food Market Trends

Checking Feed/Forages Price and Price Trends

Grains, Oilseeds, Pulse and Special Crops (AAFC) - look for the reports on the left hand side of page
USDA Feedstuffs Report
USDA Hay Reports

Traditional Marketing Options
Most Western farm systems rely heavily on cheap fossil fuel to cultivate, processes, store, package and get crops to market. While organic producers use almost half the energy that conventional producers use for cultivation (through the elimination of artificial fertilizers and pesticides) most rely on fossil fuel powered mechanical cultivation and harvest methods. Canadian organic producers supply approximately 30 per cent of the domestic market so large quantities of organic food are imported from south of the border, eliminating any energy savings provided by organic cultivation and management. - From Proximity & Petroleum by Derek Masselink

Direct Farm Marketing
Direct Marketing (ATTRA)
Direct Farm Marketing (BCMAFF/pdf)
Community-supported Agriculture for the workplace ( 6.87MB PDF)
Community Supported Agriculture (ATTRA)
Farmers' Markets
Farmers' Markets in Canada
22 Lessons in Running a Successful Farmers Market Stand (New Farm)
Farmers' Markets: Marketing & Business Guide (ATTRA)
BC Association of Farmers' Markets
Producer Procedures from the Oklahoma Food Cooperative
Canadian Cooperative Association

Online Marketing Options

* Marketing Intelligence (Cyber-help)
Shared Harvest Canada find locally-produced food or donate to those in need.
Green People

Green Business Corner (Today's Market Prices)

Creating an Online Presence
E-commerce for Farmers (Rodale)
Online Organic Market News and Intelligence
Organic Monitor
Online Certification Verification (Organic Ecology)
Organic farming Business and Marketing ResourcesFurther Business and Marketing Resources
* Marketing Intelligence (Cyber-Help)
Organic Marketing Resources (ATTRA)
Growing for Market (news, advice for market farmers)
Buying and Selling Organic Field Crops (Homestead Organics)
Small Business Sourcing Guide for Organic Farming (BCBSC/pdf)
Business Start-Up Assistance (CBSC)
Organic Certification


Pertinent Federal (Canadian) & Provincial (BC) Regulations
Organic Dairy Farming in Canada

Farm Equipment
Marketing Your Product
Organic Prices (fruit and vegetables)
Small Scale Food Processing
Pest Management
(Canada, USA) and Water (BC, Alberta) Testing Labs & Services

Marketing organic produce

Learning about organic farming

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