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Organic Seed Sources - available varieties

"An excellent site for information about where to find reliable organic seed, among other things, is found on the Cyber-Help for Organic Farmers page." - University of Guelph, Open Learning

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Listings of Organic Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Seeds - and their suppliers

For information on having your seed business listed here, e-mail us.

We list certified organic seed sources that supply growers in Canada. For an annual (October - September) fee of $35 + GST we'll add or update your information in the chart and contact information below. We also add/update your contact information on the page Suppliers of Organic Seeds in Canada.

The seed sources page has a very healthy flow of visitors. It is one of our most popular and is prominently linked to other pages on this site and from other relevant web sites.

We are accepting updates and new submissions for October 2017

Contact information for the certified organic seed suppliers listed below

  • Suppliers listed in red are current
  • Suppliers in bold have been recently updated (within past three years)
Seeds/bulbs Variety Source for Purchase
Ajwain Edible seed SUN
Amaranth Amaranth SNO, SAL
  Burgundy Grain CGH
  Garnet Red WCS
  Hopi Red Dye FED
Angelica Angelica SOV
Artichoke Green Globe SAL
  Astro WCS
  Italian SOV, STE, FCS
  Turkish SOV
  Wild SUN, FCS
Barley Barley SAL
  Himalayan (hull-less) TMO
  Sangatsuga (hull-less) TMO
  Tibetan (hull-less) TMO
  Sangatsuga (hull-less) TMO
  Lacombe (hull-less) TMO
  Panoka (hull-less) TMO
Basil Basil SUN, SNO
  Aroma 2 JOH
  Cardinal WCS
  Dani SUN
  Dark Opal RIC
  East India SUN
  Emily WCS
  Finissimo SUN
  Genovese WCS, RIC, ESP, SOC, JOH, NIC, FCS
  Italian Sweet SOV
  Large Green NIC
  Large Leaf SUN, SAL
  Large Leaf Italian STE, ESP
  Lemon RIC, FED
  Mammoth STE, FCS
  Marseillais RIC
  Mexican, wild SUN
  Nufar JOH
  Red Rubin WCS
  Sweet WCS, STE, RIC, FED
  Thai SUN
  Violetta SUN
Bean Aunt Jean's Pole FED
  Aztec Half Runner SOC
  Aztec red Kidney SAL
  Bell SAL
  Best of All Runner TWO
  Beurre De Roquencourt CGH, SOC, TWO, STE
  Black Calypso CGH
  Black Turtle WCS
  Black coco, bush SUN
  Blue Jay CGH
  Blue Lake STE, SNO, TVO, SOC
  Blue Lake Pole SOC, TVO
  Bountiful Stringless Snap SOC
  Brett's Yellow SAL
  Brita SAL
  Broad: Crimson Flowered SOV
  Broad: Black Flowered SOV
  Broad: Mr Barton's SOV
  Broad: Green Windsor SOV
  Cannelini FCS
  Contender Bean CGH
  Dark Red Kidney RIC
  Derby TWO
  Drabo FED
  Dragon Tongue SUN, STE, SAL
  Dragon Langerie FED
  Early Riser TTB
  Filet Cupidon TER
  Fin de Bagnols CGH, STE
  Flageolet RIC
  Garbanzo SAL
  Garbanzo, Black Kabouli FED
  Gina Romano, bush SUN
  Golden Wax CGH, RIC
  Golden Yellow Wax SNO
  Ireland Creek Annie CGH
  Jade SAL
  Kentucky Wonder Pole CGH, RIC, TVO, SOC
  Lazy Housewife CGH
  Littlefield's Special CGH
  Maine Sunset FED
  Major TER
  Masai SAL
  Maxibel SOV, STE, SOC, FCS
  Mixed Broad FCS
  Monos Negros FED
  Montcalm, red bush SUN
  Montezuma Red SUN
  Musica Romano SUN
  Nez Pierce, semi-bush SUN
  Norwegian Brown CGH
  Nugget, bush wax SUN
  Painted Lady FCS
  Pencil Pod Wax STE
  Pinto Agate FED
  Pisarecka Zlutoluske STE
  Provider CGH, SNO, SOC, SAL, FED, TTB
  Purple-Podded Pole CGH
  Purple Prize SAL
  Rattlesnake CGH
  Red Mexican CGH
  Ricci SAL
  Roc d'Or Yellow CGH, SOC
  Royal Burgundy CGH, STE, SOC, PLA, SAL
  Royalty SNO
  Ruckle SAL
  Scarlet Runner TTB*
  Shirofumi Soybean FED
  Slenderettes STE, SAL,
  Straight and Narrow SAL
  Sultan's Green Crescent CGH
  Sunset Runner CGH
  Tendergreen CGH, RIC, SNO
  Thibodeau du Comte Beauce CGH
  True Red Cranberry Pole FED
  Tung Climbing SOV
  Ura TER
  Vanguard SUN
Beet Bulls Blood CGH, WCS, STE, TER, JOH, FED, FCS
  Chioggia CGH, WCS, RIC, FED, TER, FCS
  Crosby's Egyptian CGH
  Cylindra CGH
  Detroit Dark Red CGH, SNO, SOC
  Detroit Red SAL, FED
  Earlly Blood Turnip CGH
  Early Wonder TVO
  Early Wonder Tall Top CGH, SNO, SAL, FED
  Fire Globe TTB
  Golden SNO, JOH
  Golden Detroit CGH, RIC
  Kestrel WCS, TER, SNO
  Lutz Green Leaf Beet/Winterkeeper CGH
  Lutz SOV, SAL
  Lutz Salad Leaf SOC
  Merlin WCS
  Red Ace WCS, SNO, JOH, FED
  Ruby Queen PLA
  Silverbeet Five colour SOV
  Touchstone Gold WCS
  Winterkeeper FCS
Beetberry Beetberry SAL
Bergamot Red SUN
  Lemon SUN
  Wild SUN
Bok Choi Bok Choi PLA
Borage Borage SUN, SOV, FCS
  White SUN
Broccoli Calabrese WCS, RIC
  Early Green SOC
  Green Goliath STE
  Italian Sprouting CGH
  Nutri-bud WCS, SOC
  Romanesco CGH
  Thompson FED
  Purple sprouting SOV, STE, FCS
  Raab SOC
  Sprouting SUN
Brussels Sprouts Vancouver F1 SOV
Buckshorn Erba Stella SUN
Buckwheat Buckwheat SAL
Burnet Salad SOV
Cabbage All-Seasons CGH
  Copenhagen Market CGH
  Derby Day WCS
  Early Jersey Wakefield CGH
  Early Marner TTB
  Napa SNO
  Red Express CGH, RIC, SNO
  Red Rock SUN
  Rodynda TTB
  Savoy SUN
  Mayan Dark Orange WCS
Cardoon Cardoon CGH, SOV, SAL
Carrot Amsterdam Gold PLA
  Atomic Red SNO
  Babette Baby SNO
  Baby Nantes SNO
  Belgium White CGH, SNO
  Chantenay Red Cored CGH
  Chantenay Royal SNO
  Cosmic Purple Coloured CGH
  Danvers 126 CGH, FED
  Danvers Half-Long CGH
  Dragon STE, PLA
  Dutch Golden SUN
  Jeanette WCS
  Kuroda RIC, SNO, TVO,
  Kurota Chantenay SOC
  Kuttiger TER
  Little Finger CGH, RIC, SNO
  Minicor TTB
  Nantaise TER
  Nantes RIC, SNO, SAL
  Nantes Coreless STE
  Nutri-Red WCS
  Paris market CGH
  Red Carrot - Atomic CGH
  Red Core Chantenay SOC
  Rodelika TER
  Royal Chantenay RIC, SAL
  Scarlet Nantes CGH, SNO, SOC, TTB
  Yellow Carrot - Solar CGH, SNO
  Touchon TTB
  Yaya WCS
  Yellowstone STE
Cat Mint Cat Mint SOV, FCS
Catnip Catnip SUN, SOV, FCS
Cauliflower Erfurter Zwerg TTB
  Snowball CGH, RIC, SNO
Celeriac Brilliant TTB
  Ibis WCS
  Prinz CGH
Celery Redventure WCS, NIC, FED
  Red Stalk SUN
  Tall Utah SNO
  Utah SAL
  Ventura TTB, STE
  Cutting Par-Cel FED
Chamomile German WCS, SUN, FCS
Chard Bright Lights SUN,
  Canary Gold SNO
  Five-Colour Silverbeet WCS
  Flamingo Pink WCS
  Fordhook Giant WCS, SOV, SNO, FED
  Golden SOC
  Green TWO
  Perpetual TWO
  Pink Passion JOH, FCS
  Rainbow RIC, SNO, SAL, TTB
  Red Salad SUN,
  Rhubarb Swiss WCS, SOC, TWO, STE, FCS
  Ruby Red WCS, FED, SNO
  Silverado Swiss WCS
  Swiss Fordhook SUN, SOV
  Witerbi Mangold SOC
Cherry Cape Gooseberry SUN
  Poha SUN
Chervil Chervil SUN, SAL, FED
  Friseé WCS
Chicory (Italian Dandelion) Garnet Stem CGH
Chives Chives SUN, SOV, RIC, ESP, NIC
  Staro WCS
Chives - garlic Garlic SUN, RIC, ESP, JOH
  Nira WCS
Cicely Sweet SOV
Cilantro Cilantro SUN, SOV, RIC, SNO, NIC, PLA, TWO, FED, FCS
  Santo Long-standing WCS, STE ESP, SOC
  Slo-bolt SAL
Claytonia Claytonia FCS
Collards Collards FCS
  Champion SOV
Coriander Bolivian SAL
  Chinese SAL
Corn Abenaki Calais Flint FED
  Anasazi Flour SOC
  Ashworth PLA, SAL, FED
  Broom CGH
  Double Play SNO
  Gentleman SNO
  Golden Bantam SUN, SAL
  Honey Cream RIC
  Hopi Blue CGH, SUN, TTB
  Blue Sweet SUN, SAL
  Brocade WCS
  Country Gentleman Sweet CGH
  Japonica Striped Maize CGH
  Jubilee Sweet RIC
  Luscious WCS
  Luther Hill FED
  Mandan Bride CGH, SUN, SOC
  Painted Mountain CGH, SUN, TER, JOH, FED
  Stowell's Evergreen CGH
  Strawberry Popcorn CGH
  Sweet Ashworth TTB
  Sweet Luther Hill TTB
  True Gold Sweet SOC
Corn Salad Salad "Vit" SOV
Cress Persian Broadleaf CGH
  Cress SAL
  Greek SUN, SOV,
  Peppergrass SUN
  Spilanthes SUN
  Upland Broadleaf SOV, STE
  Wrinkled SOV, TER, FED
Cucumber Armenian FCS
  Boothby's Blonde CGH
  Bush Champion PLA
  China Long STE
  Double Yield CGH
  Edmonson TTB
  English Telegraph CGH
  Marketmore SUN, STE
  Marketmore 76 SNO, TWO, FED
  Marketmore 97 TER
  Mideast Prolific SOC, PLA
  Minature White SUN, JOH
  Muncher RIC
  Northern Pickling SOC
  Painted Serpent CGH
  Picolino WCS
  Poinsett 97 TER
  Roxynante WCS
  Saber WCS
  Shintokiwa TTB
  Smart Pickle SOC
  Straight Eight CGH, RIC, SNO, TVO
  Sue's Pickling SAL
  Suyo Long CGH, WCS, FED, SOC
  Sweet Marketmore SOC
  Umanami Oriental FCS
  Wautoma TER
Daikon Daikon RIC
Dandelion Dandelion RIC, SNO
  Red FED
Dill Dill TWO, SAL, RIC, FCS
  Bouquet ESP, JOH, FED
  Dukat NIC
  Goldkrone WCS
Echinacea Purpurea SOV
Eggplant Antigua SUN, SAL
  Apple Green SAL
  Black Beauty CGH, WCS, SNO, TVO, SAL
  Casper SAL
  Green Tiger SUN
  Imperial Black Beauty SOC
  Italian White SUN
  Japanese RIC
  Lavender SUN
  Little Fingers CGH, SAL
  Little Spooky SUN
  Long Green SUN
  Long Purple CGH, SNO
  Long Red SUN
  Louisiana Long Green SUN
  Pala SUN
  Ping Tung Long SUN, SAL
  Purple Cluster SUN,
  Rosa Bianca CGH, SUN, SOC, SAL
  Round Black SUN
  Snowy SUN
  Traviata WCS
  Turkish Orange SUN
Elecampane Elecampane SUN
Endive Batavian CGH
  Frisée CGH, SOC, FCS
  Howe Sound SOV
  Metafora Belgian WCS
  Neos STE
  Pancalieri JOH
  Tres Fine RIC
  Zidane WCS
Epazote Epazote SUN, FCS
Escarole Escarole SNO
Fava Purple SAL
  Walter Krivda's SAL
Fennel Bronze SUN
  Bulbing FCS
  Florence SUN, RIC, SNO, SOC
  Perfection NIC, TER
  Smoky WCS
Feverfew Feverfew SUN, SOV FCS
Figwort Figwort SOV
Flax Flax SAL
Flowers Calendula Officinalis SOV
  Evening Primrose SUN, SOV, FCS
Garlic Aliah's (Rocambole) NCF
  Baba Franchuck's (Rocambole) NCF
  Bavarian Purple TER
  Beijing (Turban) NCF
  Cheng Du TMO
  Chesnok Red (Purple Stripe) NCF, TER
  Chiloe (Porcelain) NCF
  China Rose (Turban) NCF
  Chinese Purple (Asiatic) NCF
  Chinook (Turban) NCF
  Czech Broadleaf (Purple Stripe) NCF
  Dan's Italian (Rocambole) NCF
  Dan's Russian NCF
  Duganski (Purple Stripe) NCF
  Early Italian Purple (Softneck) NCF, TER
  Early Red Italian (Softneck) NCF
  Elephant TMO, TER, JOH
  Fish Lake 3 (Porcelain) NCF
  French Rocambole NCF
  French Smokey NIC
  Georgian Crystal (Porcelain) NCF
  Georgian Fire (Porcelain) NCF, TMO, TER,
  German Extra-Hardy JOH
  German Red (Rocambole) NCF, TMO
  Great Northern (Porcelain) NCF
  German White Hardy (Porcelain) NCF
  Gypsy Red (Porcelain) NCF
  Hungarian Roja TMO
  Inchelium Mild (Softneck) NCF
  Inchelium Red (Softneck) NCF, TER
  Italian hardneck (bulb) WCS
  Italian Porcelain (Porcelain) NCF
  Italian Purple (Rocambole) NCF
  Italian TMO, TER
  Japanese (Asiatic) TMO
  Khabar (Purple Stripe) NCF
  Killarney Red (Rocambole) NCF, TER
  Korean Purple (Rocambole) NCF,TMO
  Kostyn's Red Russian (Purple Stripe) NCF
  Leningrad (Porcelain) NCF,TMO
  Linda O'lesky's (Purple Stripe) NCF
  Melody (Porcelain) NCF,TMO
  Metechi (Purple Stripe) NCF
  Mennonite (Porcelain) NCF
  Montana Giant TER
  Mountaintop (Rocambole) NCF
  Music (Porcelain) NCF, WCS
  Newfoundland Heritage (Rocambole) NCF
  Newfoundland Tall (Porcelain) NCF
  New York White JOH
  Nootka Rose (Softneck) NCF
  Northern Quebec NCF
  Northern Siberian (Purple Stripe) NCF
  Persian Star (Purple Stripe) NCF, TMO
  Polish Jenn (Porcelain) NCF
  Polish Soft Neck TER
  Portuguese (Turban) NCF
  Premium White TER
  Pretoro NCF
  Prussian White NCF
  Purple Glazer (Purple Stripe) NCF, TER
  Purple Italian TER
  Puslinch (Rocambole) NCF
  Pyong Vang Korean (Asiatic) NCF
  Red Janice (Turban) NCF
  Red Rezan (Purple Stripe) NCF
  Red Russian (Purple Stripe) TMO, WCS
  Romanian Red (Porcelain) NCF
  Salt Spring Select (Rocambole) NCF
  Shantung Purple (Turban) NCF
  Shatilli (Purple Stripe) NCF
  Spanish Roja (bulb) (Rocambole) NCF, TER
  Spicy Korean (Rocambole) NCF
  Susan Delafield's NCF
  Sweet German (Softneck) NCF
  Sweet Haven NCF
  Thai (Turban) NCF
  Tibetan (Turban) NCF
  Ukraine Mavniv NCF
  Ukraine Red (Rocambole) NCF
  Wenger's Russian (Purple Stripe) NCF
  Wildfire (Asiatic) NCF
  Xian (Turban) NCF
  Yugoslavian TMO
  Yugoslavian Porcelain NCF
  Zemo TER
Golden Purslane Golden Purslane CGH
Good King Henry Good King Henry CGH
Gourd Hopi Rattle CGH
Ground Cherries Aunt Molly's CGH, SUN, SOV, STE
  Poha SUN, STE
Horehound Horehound SUN
Hyssop Anise SUN
  Giant Yellow SUN
  Officinalis SUN
Kale Black Tuscan Palm Tree CGH
  Dino (Lacinato) TWO
  Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch CGH
  Frilly SAL
  Judy's TTB
  "Kailaan Kale" SNO
  Lacinato RIC, SNO, SAL
  Purple Peacock FED
  Rainbow Tuscan Lacinato WCS
  Red Winter SNO
  Savoy Cross NIC
  Sea: Lily White SOV
  Siberian CGH, SNO
  Squire SAL
  Vates Blue Curled Scotch CGH
  Westlandse winter WCS
  White Russian TER, FED
  Wild Red NIC
Kamut Kamut SAL
Kohlrabi Dyna TER
  Komatsuna TTB
  Superschmeltz SUN
  Vienna - Purple CGH
  Vienna - White CGH
Lavender English WCS, SUN
Leek American Flag TVO
  Autumn Giant TWO
  Durabel STE, SAL
  Giant Carentan TTB
  Giant Musselburgh CGH, FCS
  Prizetaker SUN
  St. Victor's FCS
  Siegfried Frost SOV
  Tadorna WCS
  Varna WCS
Lemon Balm Lemon Balm SUN, SOV
Lettuce Anuenue WCS
  Antares FED
  Arctic King SUN, SOV, FCS
  Austrian Greenleaf TTB
  Barcarole SOC
  Bath Cos SAL
  Bionda a Foglia SAL
  Black Seeded Simpson CGH, SUN, SNO, NIC, STE, FED, FCS
  Blackjack SNO
  Blend FCS
  Blush Icy Oak NIC
  Blushed Butter Cos TER, FED
  Blushed Butter Oaks FED
  Bronze Arrow CGH, SUN, SOC
  Bronze Guard SOV, SAL, FCS
  Bronze Rodan TTB
  Brune d'Hiver CGH, SOC, FED
  Brunia SUN, SOV, TWO, SAL, FCS
  Bunyard's Matchless SAL
  Buttercrunch SNO, NIC, FED
  Capitaine SOC
  Cardilale WCS
  Cimmaron SOV, FCS, STE
  Coastal Star WCS
  Cocarde TTB
  Continuity Red SOC
  Continuity SAL
  Cracoviensis SUN, TER, NIC, SAL, FED
  Craquerelle De Midi SAL
  Crisp Mint TER, FED
  De Morges Braun TER
  Deer Tongue STE, JOH, FED
  Deer Tongue, Green CGH, TER
  Deer Tongue, Red CGH
  Devil's Ears SUN, SOV
  Devils Tongue SUN, TER
  Drunken Woman SUN, SOV, STE, SAL
  Emerald Oak SOC
  Emerald Oak Leaf NIC
  Ermosa TWO
  Flame CGH
  Flashy Trouts Back TER, NIC
  Forellenschluss SUN, SOC, TTB, TWO, FED
  Formidana SOC
  Four Seasons SOC
  Freckles STE, SNO, JOH
  Gold Rush TER
  Grandpa Admire's CGH
  Great Lake 118 SNO
  Green Ice TTB
  Green Salad Bowl TVO
  Hilde STE, SAL,
  Hyper Red Rumple TER, FED
  Ibis SUN, SAL, FCS
  Ice Queen FCS
  Italian Red Parella SAL
  Italienischer TER
  Jack Ice WCS
  Jebousek FCS
  Jericho SOC, FED
  Kinemontpas FED
  Lau's Pointed Leaf SAL
  Leopard SAL
  Les Oreilles du Diable SUN, TWO, FED, FCS
  Lingue di Canarino FED
  Little Gem SNO, SAL
  Little Leprechan FCS
  Lolla Rossa RIC, JOH
  Marveille TVO
  Merlot WCS, SUN, NIC, FED
  Merveille de 4 Saisons SNO, TE
  Merveille De Mai TER
  Mesclun Mix SOV, STE
  Mix STE
  Morges de Braun FCS
  Natividad-D. Lolla Rossa SNO
  New Red Fire TTB
  North Pole TTB
  Oakleaf, Green CGH, RIC, STE, SAL
  Oakleaf, Red CGH
  Oakleaf Royal SNO
  Oakleaf Purple FCS
  Oaky Red Splash TER
  Olga SAL
  Outredgious TER, NIC, FCS
  Parris Island Cos CGH, RIC, SNO, TVO
  PIC 714 Romaine SNO
  Pirat SOC, FED
  Plato WCS
  Red Buttersworth STE
  Red Deer Tongue SOV, SNO, SOC, NIC, TWO
  Red Oak Leaf SOC
  Red Ridinghood SOC
  Red Ruffled Oaks TER
  Red Sails SUN, STE, TER,
  Red Salad Bowl CGH, SUN, SNO, JOH, FED, FCS
  Red Tingled Winter TTB
  Redder Ruffled Oak STE, NIC,
  Redina SUN
  Reine des Glace CGH, SOC, SAL
  Romaine STE
  Romaine - red CGH
  Rosso di Trento SOV
  Rouge De Grenoblouse SOC
  Rouge D'Hiver CGH, SNO, SOC
  Roxy WCS
  Royal Oak SNO
  Royal Oakleaf FED
  Ruben's Red Romaine SOC
  Rubin SNO
  Ruby STE
  Salad Bowl NIC, FED, SNO
  Sanguine Ameliore TER
  Sierra TWO
  Silvia Red Romaine SNO
  Skyway SNO
  Speckled Butterhead WCS
  Speckled CGH, FED, RIC, TER, SNO, FCS
  Sucrine TER
  Summertime TTB*, NIC
  Sunset CGH
  Sweet Valentine SNO
  Tango CGH, SNO, FCS
  Thai Oak SUN
  Tennis Ball CGH
  Tomahawk TWO, FCS
  Tom Thumb CGH
  Trocadero FCS
  Tropicana WCS
  Valentine Sucrine Cross SUN
  Valmaine SOV
  Victoria TER, TTB
  Waldmann's TTB, TWO
  Webb's Wonderful SOV
  Winter Density SOC, TWO, FCS
  Yugoslavian Red STE
  Zimni SUN
Licorice Lemon SUN
Lovage Lovage SUN
Mache Corn Salad CGH, STE, FCS,
Marshmallow Marshmallow SUN
Marjoram Sweet SOV
Melon Amish CGH, TTB
  Banana SUN
  Blacktail Mountain WCS
  Blenheim Orange CGH
  Cantaloupe Verdrantais TTB
  Cream of Saskatchewan WCS
  Eel River CGH, SOC
  Hale's Best CGH, SOC
  Haogen SOC
  Hearts of Gold CGH, RIC, SNO
  Honey Rock CGH, SNO
  Honeydew Green SNO
  Honeydew Orange SNO
  Italian Muskmelon SUN
  Moon & Stars WCS
  Minnesota Midget CGH, WCS, PLA
  Noir des Carmes CGH
  Petit Gris de Rennes CGH
  Pride of Wisconsin FED
  Rocky Ford Green SNO
  Sharlyn SOC
  Stutz Supreme SOC
  Swan Lake SOC
Milk Thistle Milk Thistle SOV, FCS
Millet Millet SAL
Mint Korean SUN, SOV
Mizuna Mizuna WCS, RIC, TVO, SOC, JOH, NIC, SAL
Mole plant Mole plant SUN
Motherwort Motherwort SOV, FCS
Mugwort Mugwort FCS
Mullein Mullein SUN, FCS
Mustard Mustard SNO
  Chinese RIC
  Giant Red WCS, SUN, STE
  Giant Southern Curled WCS
  Green Giant SNO
  Green Wave SUN, SOC
  Horned SUN
  Mibuna WCS
  Mixed FCS
  Mibuna WCS
  Mizspoona FED
  Mizuna CGH, WCS
  Osaka Purple WCS, SOC, FCS
  Peppergrass SUN
  Purple Wave SOC
  Southern Giant Curled CGH
  Tatsoi CGH, WCS
  Tendergreen CGH, NIC
  Tokyo Bekana WCS
Navaho Tea Navaho Tea SUN
Oats AG Gwen (hull-less) TMO
  Derby TMO
  Murphy TMO
  Salt Spring SAL
  Victory SAL
Okra Okra SOC
  Burgundy CGH, RIC, SNO
  Clemson Spineless CGH, SNO
Onion Alisa Craig PLA,
  Bedfordshire Champion STE
  Bennie's Red TTB
  Catawissa NIC
  Cipollini, Red CGH
  Cipollini, Yellow CGH
  Clear Dawn TTB
  Don's Gold (Stuttgarter) STE
  Egyptian NIC
  Evergreen Bunching CGH, RIC, SNO, TTB, NIC, FED
  Franz Bunching SUN
  Gold Globe PLA
  Green Hochiko Bunching STE
  Japanese Bunching SOV
  Perennial Bunching SUN, SAL
  Purplette WCS
  Red Wethersfield CGH
  Rossa Di Milano STE, SOC
  Siskiyou Sweet SOC
  Texas 502 Short Day SNO
  Texas Early Grano SNO
  Valencia SOC
  Walla Walla RIC, SNO
  White Spear Bunching TTB
Orach Orach RIC, TER, SNO, NIC
  Aurora Mix FED
  Magenta SOV, FED
  Opal STE
  Purple CGH, SOV, FCS
  Red FED
  Ruby Red WCS
Oregano Greek WCS, SUN, RIC, NIC
Pak Choi Pac Choi SNO, SAL, RIC
  Prize Choy FED
  White-stemmed CGH
Parcel Herb parcel SOV
Parsley Curly SUN, RIC
  Darki SAL
  Gigante d'Italia WCS
  Green River STE
  Hamburg SUN,
  Italian SUN, STE, RIC
  Italian Dark Green SNO
  Italian Flat Leaf SOC
  Moss Curled SNO
  Plain NIC, FED
  Survivor Italian NIC
Parsnip All American STE
  Harris Model STE, SAL
Peas Admiral (yellow) TMO
  Alderman Pole FCS
  Australian Soup SAL
  Blue Podded CGH
  Brazilian Snow SOV
  Carouby de Maussanne SOV, STE
  Century SAL
  Champion of England STE
  Cooper TMO
  Coral Shell TTB
  Darlaine SAL
  Golden Sweet Edible Podded CGH, SAL
  Green Arrow CGH, TWO, STE
  Ho Lohn Dow SAL
  Hungarian SAL
  King Tut Soup SAL
  Maestro STE
  Mammoth Melting Sugar CGH, RIC
  Manitoba SAL
  Mayfair Shell TTB, FED
  Mega Snap SOV
  Miragreen FED
  Mrs Van's SAL
  Norli SAL
  Oregon Giant Snow SOC, FCS
  Oregon Sugar Pod CGH, STE, RIC, TVO
  Oregon Sugar Pod 2 NIC, TWO
  Oregon Trail Shell SOC
  Osayo Endo Pod TTB
  Pioneer Shell SOC
  Potuguese SAL
  Progress #9 SNO, TVO
  Snap Sugar Lode TTB
  Snow Swiss Giant STE, TTB
  Sugar Pod 2 Snow SOC
  Sugar Snap TWO
  Summer SAL
  Super Sugar Snap STE
  The Pilot SAL
  Tom Thumb CGH
  Ukranian Soup SAL
Pepper Ancho SOC
  Antohi Romanian CGH, SUN
  Apple Sweet Pimento SAL
  Banana Supreme SOV
  Belcanto WCS
  Black Hungarian SOV, NO
  Boldog Hungarian Spice STE, SAL,
  Bulgarian Hot Carrot FCS
  Cal Wonder SUN, RIC, SNO
  California Wonder 300 TER
  Cayenne SUN, RIC
  Cayenne - Long red CGH
  Chervena Chushka CGH, STE, TWO
  Chimayo SUN
  Chinese Giant SNO
  Corbaci SUN
  Corona TWO
  Cubanelle SAL
  Czech Black FED
  Diamond SNO
  Early Red TTB
  Emerald TWO
  Fish SAL, FED
  Friggitello SAL
  Garden Sunshine SUN
  Georgescu Chocolate SAL
  Golden Cal Wonder RIC, SNO
  Golden Treasure STE
  Great Balls of Fire SUN
  Habanero SOC
  Hot Portugal FED
  Hungarian Black SOV, SAL
  Hungarian Yellow Wax CGH
  Italian Sweet SOV, SAL
  Jalapeno SUN, SOV, SOC, RIC
  Jalapeno Early CGH, SNO
  Jamaican Yellow RIC
  Jimmy Nardello SUN, SAL
  Jingle Bells SOV
  Joe E Parker SNO
  King of the North TTB
  Klari Baby Cheese SOV, SAL
  Lehel WCS
  Lipstick JOH, FCS
  Marconi Purple SNO
  Marconi Red Sweet CGH, SUN, STE, SNO
  Marconi Yellow Sweet CGH
  Matchbox FED
  Napolean Sweet STE
  Orange Sun SNO
  Orange Thai CGH
  Pepperoncini SUN, SOV, SNO
  Pimiento SOV, SOC
  Poblano TWO
  Pretty n Purple SNO
  Purple Beauty SUN, SNO, FCS
  Quadrato Asti Giallo SUN
  Red Lamuyo SNO
  Red Ruffle TWO
  Riot SUN, JOH
  Russian Healthy SAL
  Sheepnose Pimento CGH
  Sheppard SUN
  Starburst SAL
  Sue Senger's Chili SAL
  Sweet Cayenne SAL
  Sweet Chocolate CGH, RIC, SNO
  Sweet Orange STE
  Tepin SUN
  Tequila Sunrise SUN, SOV
  Tabasco SUN
  Thai SUN, FED
  Tolli's Sweet Italian CGH
Phacelia Phacelia SAL
Popcorn Pomegranate SAL
Potato All Blue JOH
  All Red JOH
  Banana RIC
  Banana Fingerling WCS
  Bintje RIC
  Norkotah WCS
  Norland RIC
  Red Chieftain WCS
  Rode Eersteling RIC
  Russian Blue WCS, RIC
  Sieglinde WCS
  Yukon Gold WCS, RIC, JOH
Pumpkin Big Max RIC, SN
  Casper RIC, SNO
  Cinderella SNO
  Connecticut Field CGH
  Early Autumn F1 SNO
  Galeux d'Eysines CGH
  Harvest Jack SNO
  Howden TER, SNO, FED
  Jack B Little SNO
  Jack O Lantern SNO
  Jack O Lite SOC
  Lady Godiva Naked Seed CGH
  Long Pie FED
  Lumina SNO
  New England Pie FED
  Rouge Vif D'Etampes SOC
  Small Sugar CGH, SAL, RIC, TER, SNO, SOC, TTB
  Styrian SAL
  Sugar Pie SNO
  Wee Be Little SNO
Purslane Golden SUN, STE, FED
Quinoa Quinoa SAL
  Brightest Brilliant WCS
Radicchio Early Palla Rosa CGH, SAL
  Palla Rossa SOV, FCS
  Rouge De Trevise SAL
Radish Black Spanish round CGH, SAL
  Cherry Belle CGH, STE, RIC, SNO, FED, TVO, SOC, TWO
  China Rose CGH
  Daikon SOC
  Easter Egg WCS, SUN
  French Breakfast CGH, RIC, SNO, SAL
  German Giant CGH, SNO
  Kim Giant SAL
  Lobok SUN
  Miyashige CGH
  Oshin Early Daikon SNO
  Pink Beauty CGH, SNO, JOH
  Plum Purple CGH, WCS, SNO
  Purple Olive-Shaped STE
  Rat-Tailed CGH, SAL, FED
  Sora TTB
  Sparkler RIC, SNO
  Watermelon CGH
  White Beauty CGH
  White Icicle CGH
Rapini Rapini CGH, RIC, SNO
Rhubarb Victoria WCS
Rosemary Rosemary RIC
Rue Rue SOV
Rutabaga Laurentian WCS, TMO, TWO
  Marian SAL
Rye Rye TMO
Sage Sage WCS, SUN
  Broadleaf FED
Salad Burnet Salad Burnet SUN, SOV, FCS
Salsify Sandwich Island Mammoth SUN
Savory Summer SUN, SOV
  Winter dwarf SUN,
Scallion Kincho SAL
Scullcap Scullcap SUN,
Shallot Shallot SAL
Shungiku Edible Chrysanthemum CGH, SUN, FCS, STE
Sorrel French SUN, SAL
  Garden SUN,
  Red Veined SUN
Soybean Manitoba Brown SAL
  Agate SAL
  Black Jet SUN, SAL
  Envy SAL
  Fawcett's SAL
  Grand Forks SUN, SAL
  Hokkaido Black SAL
  Jaques Brown SAL
  Jewel SAL
  Misono Green SUN,
  Natto SAL
  Shirofumie SAL
Spinach America SOC
  Bloomsdale Savoy WCS, SUN, RIC, SOC, TTB, NIC, FED
  Butterfly TTB
  Corvair WCS
  Dolphin SNO
  Elly's Dutch FCS
  Erste Ernte TER
  Galilee CGH
  Giant SUN, STE, FED, FCS
  Good King Henry SOV
  Long Standing Bloomsdale CGH
  Malabar SUN, SOV
  New Zealand SOV
  Perpetual SOV
  Samish WCS
  Spring Giant STE
  Strawberry SOV
  Tarpy SNO
  Tyee WCS
  Viroflay SOC, PLA
  Whale SNO, JOH
Squash Benning's Green Tint CGH
  Bitterroot Buttercup SNO
  Black Beauty CGH, SNO, SOC
  Black Beauty Zucchini TWO
  Black Forest JOH
  Blue Ballet TER, SOC
  Blue Hubbard STE
  Blue Magic SNO
  Bugle SNO
  Burgess Buttercup CGH, SNO, FED
  Bush Delicata TER
  Buttercup SUN, RIC, SOC, JOH, SAL, TER
  Butternut TER, SOC, TTB, FCS
  Butternut PMR SNO
  Baby Ponca Butternut FED
  Candy Roaster FED
  Caserta Zucchini SOC
  Cocozelle Zucchini CGH, WCS, SOC
  Costata Romanesca TTB
  Crookneck RIC
  Canada Crookneck CGH
  Crookneck - yellow WCS, SOC, TTB, JOH
  Crookneck Early Gold SNO
  Crookneck Early Yellow CGH
  Cushaw Green CGH
  Dark Green Zucchini SNO, PLA
  Delicata CGH, STE, SOC, TTB, PLA
  Zeppelin Delicata FED
  Dickenson SNO
  Early Summer Crookneck SNO, FED
  Festival SNO
  Fordhook SNO
  Fordhook Acron CGH
  Futsu Black TER
  Green Hokkaido FED
  Guatemalan Blue Banana CGH
  Hopi Orange CGH
  Kabocha TTB
  Kuri SUN
  Long Island Cheese CGH
  Marina di Chioggia CGH
  Noche SNO
  Onyx SNO
  Orange Dawn SNO
  Patisson Panache Verte de Jaune CGH
  Pink Banana Jumbo CGH
  Ponca Butternut SAL
  Queensland Blue CGH, FCS
  Red Kuri CGH, SOC, PLA
  Ronde de Nice CGH
  Romanesco Zucchini SUN
  Scallopini SUN
  Soleil Zucchini WCS
  Spaghetti PLA
  Straightneck Early SNO
  Styrian Pumpkin SUN
  Sundance SNO
  Sweet Dumpling STE, SOC
  Sweet Keeper SOC
  Table Gold SNO
  Table Queen Bush Acorn CGH, SNO
  Triamble CGH
  Turks Turban SUN
  Uchiki Kuri WCS
  Vegetable Spaghetti CGH
  Waltham Butternut CGH, SNO, SAL, FED
  Yellow SAL
  Yellow Bush Scallop CGH
  Zucchini RIC
St. John's Wort St. John's Wort SOV, FCS
Strawberry Alpine red SUN
  Alpine white SUN
Stevia Stevia WCS, SUN, SAL
Tat soi Tatsoi WCS, STE, SUN, SNO, TVO, SOC, JOH, FED, FCS
Thyme Thyme SUN, RIC
Tomatillo De Milpa WCS
  Indian Summer STE
  Tomatillo SOV, STE, FCS, TER, SNO, JOH, PLA, SAL
  Verde WCS
Tomato Ace 55 VF SNO
  Alicante SOV
  Ailsa Craig TWO, STE, FCS
  Aker's West Virginia FCS
  Amana Gold SNO
  Amana Orange CGH
  Amish Brandywine SUN
  Amish Paste CGH, RIC
  Ardwyna SOV, SAL, FCS
  Ardwyna Polish Paste STE
  Arkansas Traveller SOC
  Aunt Ruby's German Green CGH, SUN, SNO, TWO, FED, FCS
  Aurega TWO
  Baby Red Pear SUN
  Bali SAL
  Banana Legs SUN, RIC
  Basketvee PLA
  Bearo SAL
  Beefsteak CGH, SOV, RIC, TOM
  Bellstar CGH, JOH, FED
  Best of All SOV
  Black Brandywine SAL
  Black Cherry CGH, SOV
  Black From Tula SUN, SNO, TWO
  Black Krim WCS, SUN, FED, FCS
  Black Pear SUN
  Black Plum SUN, SOV, SOC, TOM, TWO, STE
  Black Prince CGH, TOM, JOH, TWO
  Black Russian SUN
  Black Sea Man SUN
  Black Zebra SUN, TOM
  Blondkopfchen TOM, TWO
  Blue Beech FED
  Bonnie Best CGH, WCS, SOV, STE
  Box Car Willie TOM
  Brandywine RIC, SNO, TVO, SOC, JOH, TWO, STE, FED
  Brandywine Pink SNO
  Brandywine Red SNO
  Brandywine Red Landis SAL
  Brandywine Yellow CGH, SNO, FED
  Brianna CGH
  Brilliant Pink SAL
  Brown Cherry SNO
  Bull's Heart CGH, SUN
  Burbank SOC
  Burbank, Red CGH
  Camp Joy STE
  Campbell SUN
  Carbon SUN
  Caro Rich SOV
  Caspian Pink TOM, FCS
  Ceylon TOM
  Chadwick's Cherry CGH, SOV, SOV, SOC
  Cheesmanii SOV, SAL
  Cherokee Chocolate TWO
  Cherokee Girl SNO
  Cherokee Purple CGH, FED
  Cherry Black SUN
  Cherry Roma SUN, SAL
  Chiapas Wild SAL
  Corne de Bouc TTB
  Cosmonaut Volkov FED, FCS
  Coctoluto Fiorentino SOV
  Cougar Red WCS
  Coyote SUN, SOV
  Cream Sausage SUN
  Cuatomate SAL
  Cuidad Victoria SAL
  Currant RIC
  Czech's Excellent Yellow STE
  Debarao JOH
  Djena Lee's Golden Girl TTB
  Double Rich SOC
  Druzba STE
  Earliana CGH
  Earl of Edgecombe TOM, TWO
  Early Prolific Straightneck CGH
  Early Yellow Crookneck CGH
  Early Summer Riser TTB
  Elbe SUN
  Ethiopia TWO
  Eva Purple Ball CGH, TOM
  Evergreen SNO
  Flamme SUN, SOV, TOM, FCS
  Fox Cherry SOC
  Galina SUN, SAL
  Garden Peach CGH, SUN, SNO, SOC
  Gardeners Delight SOV, SAL, TWO, STE
  German Red Strawberry TWO
  German Johnson FED
  Ghost Cherry TWO
  Giant Syrian TOM
  Glacier WCS, FED
  God Love TOM
  Gold Nugget SOV, JOH
  Golden Cherry WCS, SUN
  Goldie JOH, FED
  Graham's Good Keeper SAL
  Grandma Mary's FED
  Great White CGH
  Greek Asemina SAL
  Green FCS
  Green Grape SUN, STE, TWO, FCS
  Green Sausage SUN
  Green Zebra WCS, SUN, SOV, SNO, TOM, JOH, SAL, FCS
  Greenwich SUN, SAL
  Harbinger SOV
  Hawaiian Currant SOV, TOM
  Heinz FED
  Hillbilly TOM
  Hog Heart FED
  Ildi SUN, SAL
  Improved Oxheart SUN, SAL
  Isis Candy SUN, SAL
  Italian Paste TOM
  Jaune Coeur de Pigeon TOM
  Japanese Black Trifele CGH
  Jitomate Bulito SAL
  Keeping Tom TWO
  King Umberto TWO
  Kootenai WCS, STE
  Landis TTB
  Large German Cherry STE
  Latah STE
  Legend NIC, PLA
  Lemon Pear SUN
  Lenny & Grace's Kentucky TOM
  Lillian's Yellow heirloom FED
  Lime Green Salad SUN
  Limmony SAL
  Lola WCS
  Long Keeper STE
  Lunchbucket SAL
  Manitoba Oxheart SUN
  Manyel Moons TWO
  Maria's SAL
  Marizol Bratka TOM
  Marizol Gold SUN, TWO
  Mark Twain FED
  Marmande CGH
  Martian Giant SOC
  Martino's Roma CGH
  Marvel Striped SOC
  Matina SUN, TWO
  Matt's Wild Cherry-Yellow STE
  Memorial Polish paste SAL
  Moneymaker CGH, WCS, SOV
  Moonglow TOM
  Moskvich CGH, JOH
  Mrs. Benson's SAL
  Mule Team CGH
  Myona SAL
  Nebraska Wedding CGH
  Nepal TTB, STE
  Old German SNO
  Olomovic SAL
  Orange Banana SUN, FED
  Orange Queen SOC
  Orange Strawberry SUN, FCS
  Oregon Spring WCS, JOH
  Oxheart Orange SNO
  Oxheart Red SNO
  Paragon JOH
  Paul Robeson CGH, TOM, FCS
  Peacevine STE
  Peppermint TOM
  Peron WCS
  Persimmon SUN, STE
  Petite Pomme Blanche SUN, STE
  Pineapple SAL, FCS
  Pink Grape SUN
  Pink Ping Pong SNO
  Pollock SAL
  Potatoleaf White TWO
  Power's Heirloom TOM
  Principe Borghese SUN, SOV, STE, TTB, JOH, SAL
  Prudens Purple CGH, WCS, SNO, FED
  Purple Calabash CGH, SNO
  Purple Russian TOM
  Purple Smudge SUN, SAL
  Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter SAL
  Rainbow Cherry SUN
  Red Calabash SAL
  Red Grape SUN
  Red Pear, Austin's CGH, STE
  Red Robin SUN
  Riesentraube CGH, TWO
  Rio Grande TWO
  Rocket WCS
  Ropreco SOC, STE
  Rose CGH, JOH
  Rose de Berne CGH, FED, FCS
  Russian 117 TOM
  Russian Rose SAL
  Sasha's Altai WCS
  San Francisco Fog TOM
  San Marzano SNO
  Sandul Moldovan TOM
  Sasha's Altai SAL
  Schimmeig Striped FED
  Scinocca Plum SUN
  Siberian Pink SAL
  Siletz WCS, STE
  Silvery fir CGH, SOV, SAL
  Snow White TWO
  Sophie's Choice SOV, TWO
  Speckled Roman SAL
  St. Pierre CGH
  Striped German STE
  Stupice WCS, STE, SNO, SOC, TOM, NIC
  Sub Arctic Cherry TWO
  Suddath's Brandywine TOM
  Sunshine Cherry SUN, SAL
  Super Marmelade FCS
  Super Sioux SOC, TTB
  Sweetie WCS, RIC, TWO
  Sweet Pea Red Currant CGH
  Tangerine SNO
  Taxi WCS, JOH
  Thessaloniki SOC, SAL
  Tibet SAL
  Tiger Stripe SAL
  Tiger Tom FCS
  Tobolsk CGH, TOM
  Trophy CGH
  Valencia CGH
  Washington Cherry JOH
  White Cherry CGH, JOH
  White Grape SUN
  White Potato Leaf FCS
  White Rabbit SUN,
  Wonder Light JOH
  Yellow Brandywine JOH
  Yellow Gooseberry TOM
  Yellow Grape SUN
  Yellow Peach FCS
  Yellow Pear CGH, SOV, STE SOC, FCS,
  Yellow Perfection CGH
  Yellow Tangerine SAL
  Zapotec TWO
  Zapotec Ribbed CGH
Turnip Des Vertus Marteau CGH
  Gilfeather FED
  Golden Globe CGH, SNO
  Purple Top White Globe CGH, WCS, SNO, TVO, NIC, FED
  Seven Top CGH, SNO
Valeriana Officinalis SOV
Vervain Vervain SUN, SOV
Watermelon All Sweet SNO
  Cream of Saskatchewan SUN
  Crimson Sweet RIC, SNO, NIC
  Malali CGH
  Moon & Stars CGH, SNO, FED
  Verona FED
Wheat Wheat SAL
  Blue Tinge Ethiopian (hard white) TMO
  Red Fife (hard red) TMO
  Snow Bird (hard white) TMO
  Spender (hard red) TMO
  Twin Meadows (hard red) TMO
  White Sanoran Lavras (hard white) TMO

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NCF - Norwegian Creek Farm: Certified organic seed garlic bulbs and bulbils.
PO Box 45, Midway, B.C. V0H 1M0

CGH - The Cottage Gardener Heirloom Seedhouse
4199 Gilmore Rd. RR 1 Newtonville, ON L0A 1J0. 905-786-2388

WCS - West Coast Seeds
3925 64th St, RR#1, Delta, BC, V4K 3N2. 604-952-8820, 1-888-804-8820

TMO - Twin Meadows Organics
Box 926, McBride, BC. V0J 2E0. 250-569-7810

Recently listed or updated
SOV - Seeds of Victoria
395 Conway Road, Victoria, B.C. V9E 2B9
STE - Stellar Seeds
3801 - 40th St. NE Salmon Arm, B.C. V1E 1Z6
SUN - Sunshine Farm
2225 Saucier Rd., Kelowna, BC, V1W 4B8 250.764.4810 250 764-4810

Earlier Listings - we include these for your convenience but the information has not been recently updated
FED - Fedco
Box 520, Waterville, ME, 04903
SNO - Snow Seed Company
21855 Rosehart Way, Salinas CA, 93908
FCS - Full Circle Seeds
PO Box 807, Sooke, BC V9Z 1H8
TWO - Two Wings Farm
4768 William Head Rd. Victoria B.C. V9C 3Y7
TOM - Tomatofest Certified Organic Seeds
SOC - Seeds of Change
PO Box 152, Spicer, MN 56288
JOH - Johnnys Seeds
955 Benton Ave., Winslow, Maine 04901
TVO - Terra Viva Organics
8480 Dayton Court, Richmond, BC, V6Y 3H6
RIC - Richters Seeds
357 Highway 57, Goodwood, ONT, L0C 1A0
NIC - Nichols Garden Nursery
1190 Old Salem Rd. NE, Albany, Oregon 97321-4580.
TER - Territorial Seed Company
PO Box 158, Cottage Grove, OR 97424-0061
TTB - Turtle Tree Biodynamic Seeds
PLA - Planting Seeds Project
PO Box 536, Lytton, BC, V0K 1Z0
SAL - Salt Spring Seeds
PO Box 444, Ganges, Salt Spring Island, BC, V8K 2W1
ESP - Environmental Seed Producers
PO Box 2709, Lompoc, CA 93438-2709


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