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Please note: COABC's Aquaculture is currently not within the scope of the Canada Organic Standards, but members of the aquaculture industry, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada are developing organic aquaculture standards. If you have comments (pro or con) with regards to the development of Organic Aquaculture Standards, please submit these to the forum .

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AQUACULTURE NEWS & OPINION - for the past year

  • Stories are selected with Canadian organic farmers in mind but are not intended
    to reflect our views pro or con.
  • While we update these links from time to time, you may find some articles
    withdrawn or expired.

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Canadian stories   Canadian

Jeremy J. Nuttall, The Tyee, April 3, 2015 Canadian
DFO Pitch to Expand Salmon Fishery Puts Endangered Stocks at Risk
A fisheries watchdog group says the federal government's proposal to increase commercial salmon fishing this year puts pressure on endangered salmon stocks in British Columbia in the name of profits.
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Morgan Blakley, Ecojustice, March 17, 2015 Canadian
Canada's wild fish need to be handled with care
The group known as "Farmed Salmon Boycott" unfurled their banner on the public sidewalk and told passers-by that the controversial food source is risky to human health and ecosystems.
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Sindhu Dharmarajah and Mychaylo Prystupa, Vancouver Observer, January 31, 2015 Canadian
Vancouver Costco hit by farmed salmon protests
The group known as "Farmed Salmon Boycott" unfurled their banner on the public sidewalk and told passers-by that the controversial food source is risky to human health and ecosystems.
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DC Reid in Oceans, November 7, 2014 Canadian
Salmon Farmers' ads more full of crap than seabed beneath their pens
This is a race to the bottom because fish farms like to say they operate under the strictest laws in the world, and then behind the scenes argue to get rid of them.
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Jon MacNeill, Friends of the Earth and Conservation Council of New Brunswick, October 22, 2014 Canadian
Proposed regulation flagged by biologists
New federal government regulation proposes to kill wild fish to protect fish farms. This proposed regulation would impact all coastal provinces; Federal regulation of fresh water aquaculture ignored.
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Text by Maddie Oatman; video by Brett Brownell; July 2, 2014
We're Fishing the Oceans Dry. It's Time to Reconsider Fish Farms.
Aquaculture has gotten much greener, with American innovators leading the way.
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Pauline Holdsworth, - June 11, 2014 Canadian
Alexandra Morton Challenges Federal Fish Farm Licences in Court
Biologist and wild salmon advocate Alexandra Morton headed back to court yesterday to push for stronger government oversight of the transfer of farmed fish into the Pacific Ocean to prevent the spread of a potentially harmful virus.
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Alexandra Morton - May 4, 2014 Canadian
Going to Court to Stop Spread of Disease
The transfer conditions in the Federal Aquaculture Licences puts decisions about whether infected farm salmon smolts will go into net pens in wild salmon habitat in the hands of fish farm staff and fish farm's veterinarians.
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Alexandra Morton - July 16, 2013 Canadian
Asking Norway about the Piscine Reovirus

Industry and government deny the piscine reovirus (PRV) is anything to be concerned about, even though this newly-introduced, highly infectious virus from Norway has infected over 90% of the salmon farms in BC and is rapidly spreading to BC's wild salmon. In this video, Twyla hops a plane to Norway to find out what scientists there have to say about PRV and its effects on salmon.

Judith Lavoie, Times Colonist - May 4, 2013 Canadian
Fish farms allied with government, activists say

Emails from Gary Marty, ministry fish pathologist at the Animal Health Centre, ask company veterinarians for the go-ahead to release specific information about the outbreaks to media.
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Damien Gillis, Common Sense Canadian - April 15, 2013 Canadian
Tide Turning Against Salmon Farms in Lead-up to BC Election?

As the BC election approaches, the Norwegian-dominated aquaculture industry suddenly finds itself swimming upstream.
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Alex Morton - April 7, 2013 Canadian
Salmon disease, the WTO

Is Canada offering salmon farmers unfair advantage in Canada?

Jonathan Benson, Natural News - April 1, 2013
Oregon set to ban GM salmon and mandate GMO labeling

H.B. 2530 prohibits GE salmon not only from being cultivated and farmed within the state of Oregon, but also from being imported and sold there.
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Alex Morton - February 24, 2013 Canadian
Dalrymple Atlantic Salmon Hatchery - infected

Wild salmon have to be supreme athletes to survive, a weak heart means they won't survive.

Alex Morton - February 22, 2013 Canadian
European viruses

"In the ongoing effort to communicate the critical nature of the threat to wild salmon from exposure to European viruses I made the video below. There is some breaking news contained within it."

Judith Lavoie, Times Colonist - February 12, 2013 Canadian
Namgis First Nation to open land-based fish farm

‘Namgis First Nation, whose 4,000-year-old traditions are tied to the Pacific salmon of the Nimpkish River, is about to open the first phase of a unique $8.5-million closed-containment Atlantic salmon farm on reserve land south of Port McNeill.
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Halifax Herald News - January 21, 2013 Canadian
Cooke to process 240,000 quarantined salmon in N.B.

If the federal agency doesn't order the fish to be killed off, the farmer is obligated to process and market the fish, said Halse.
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Department of Fisheries & Oceans (DFO)

Report a fisheries violation If you observe a fisheries violation, you are encouraged to report it. In any province or territory this may be done through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

British Columbia:

  • DFO: Observe, Record, Report (ORR) Line  - 1-800-465-4336
  • Province: Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) - 1-877-952-7277

Report a marine pollution incident ― or phone BC 1-800-889-8852 (24 hours)



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