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The Certified Organic Associations of BC provides support for this site:
encouraging organic and alternative food production in Canada by improving accessibility to organic farming content online.

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Organic farming news

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Prices and Price Trends

Recent Wholesale Organic Fruit and Vegetable Prices Provided to Cyber-Help by BC suppliers
Buying and Selling Organic Field Crops - Canada (Homestead Organics)
USDA Organic Prices
Upper Midwest Organic Grain & Feedstuffs Report (Bi-Weekly)
Prairie Organic Grain Prices (OACC)
Eastern Cornbelt Organic Grain & Feedstuffs Report (Bi-Weekly)
New Farm Organic Price Index: Comparison with conventional US prices
University of Saskatchewan. Recent annual history of prices of major organic crops.
Organic Farmgate and Wholesale Prices (USDA)
Monthly Medicinal Herbs and Spice Prices (AgCan)



Marketing: Farm Management Canada
InfoHort – Canada-wide market information (AAFC)
E-Mail market reports from Toronto and Montreal
Commodity & Market Prices: Beef and Cattle, General Crop Reports (weekly), Dairy, Feed Grain, Fruits and Vegetables, Grains and Oilseeds, Hogs, Poultry & Eggs, Sheep & Lamb, Herbs, Hay
Agricultural Marketing Resource Center: Explanations of markets and marketing (USA)
Fruit and Vegetable Market News (AMS - USA)
Commodity Forecasts: USDA.
Today's Market Prices: Daily herbs, fruit & vegetables - wholesale A range of global prices.
Farm to Cafeteria to bring local, healthy and sustainable foods into all public institutions.

Herbs & Spices
Monthly Medicinal Herbs and Spice Prices includes comparative organic prices

US Department of Agriculture Feedstuffs Reports
US Department of Agriculture Hay Reports

Alberta - Closing Prices
Guide to grain markets and risk management Canadian Wheat Board

News & Information

Organic Market Information: from Agrifood Canada
Data on horticultural commodities across Canada. from Agrifood Canada
The North American Market for Organic Meat Products: Dec. 2003 research publication.
World Market Reports: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
Trade Data Online: Generate customized reports on Canada's and U.S. trade with over 200 countries.
Exporter Assistance: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Statpub Organic Market News
Organic Monitor: Business Intelligence on the International Organic Food Industry
Europe: Analysis of the European market for organic food.
Statistics on organic farming in Europe
USDA: Organic Agricultural Marketing and Trade Resources: March 2004 update [pdf]

Buying & Selling

Shared Harvest Canada "like an online farmers' market and food-bank rolled into one".
Buying and Selling Organic Field Crops (Homestead Organics)
Canadian Wheat Board
Farmers' Markets in Canada
Community-supported Agriculture for the Workplace ( 6.87MB PDF)
Shared Harvest Canada lets you find locally produced food or donate food to those in need.
Alberta government Organic Industry Listings. Alberta producers list your products here.
BC Restaurants web site - Services for suppliers
Green People: The world's largest, searchable database of eco-friendly products
Internet Hay Exchange: For the USA and Canada
Organic Marketplace: buying and selling organic products around the world.
The Organic Non-GMO Report: information to ensure a safe, healthy and sustainable food supply.
Portia Sun introduces food and primary product retailers to small, pro-sustainability orientated producers from around the world.


Organic DB. Searchable database of Canadian organic restaurants, farms, farmers markets and suppliers.
Local Food Cooperative Software brings producers and shoppers together.

Feast of Fields
Feast of Fields is an annual event in Ontario celebrating local organic food and products, farming and sustainability.
In 2007 Everdale Organic Farm hosted the event.


Pertinent Federal (Canadian) & Provincial (BC) Regulations
Organic Dairy Farming in Canada
Farm Equipment
Marketing Your Product
Organic Prices (fruit and vegetables)
Small Scale Food Processing
Pest Management
Soil (Canada, USA) and Water (BC, Alberta) Testing Labs & Services

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