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The Certified Organic Associations of BC provides support for this site: encouraging organic and alternative food production in Canada by improving accessibility to organic farming content online.

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Directory of Useful Online Organic Farming Resources

See also our page, The Business of Farming, for more business-related links

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Organic Federation of Canada. Co-ordinating regulation, providing information
Young and Beginning Farmers. (AAFC)
Agriculture Policy Framework. Federal and Provincial initiative: "Putting Canada First".
Biotechnology Notices of Submission Project. Submissions Posted For Public Comment
Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA). National cattle identification program
Canadian Organic Growers. Information network for farmers, gardeners and consumers.
Canadian Organic Livestock Association. Promotion and support
Farm Advisory Services. Canadian Farm Business Management Council
Nutrition Labelling. Govt. of Canada information and regulations
Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada. Research to improve the sustainability of farming
Organic Federation of Canada. Help coordinate organic regulations, increase trade, update of standards.
Organic products services and information (Homestead Organics)
Plant Hardiness Site, Canada - zones, maps, local info.


Alberta government Organic Industry Listings. Certifiers, growers, processors.
Acorn. "The Voice of Organics in Atlantic Canada".
Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC. Funds to help the agri-food industry adapt.
The Land Conservancy of BC. Conservation Partners programme.
Going Organic Network of Alberta. non-profit, promotes organic growing and consumption.
PEI Certified Organic Producers Co-op
BC Agriculture Council Represents collective interests of BC agricultural producers


Organic DB. Canadian organic restaurants, farms, farmers markets and suppliers.
What's on My Food. Link pesticide food residue data with the toxicology for each chemical
Household Products Database. Health and safety Information
Integrity in Science Database. Corporate ties: scientists, academics and non-profits


Farming Forgiveness - Joel Salatin
Family Friendly Farming - Creating a Farm Life Your Children Will Treasure (Acres, PDF)
Courses in Organic Agriculture (OACC)
Listings of organic training and learning programs in agriculture across Canada (Gov.of Canada)
Growing Young Farmers. Providing education, experience, programs and partnerships [PDF]


Food Security: A sustainable food system that maximizes self-reliance and justice (BC PHSA)
Broken Limbs Movie that finds hope in sustainable agriculture
Climate Friendly Farming: Mitigating global climate change
British Columbia Environmental Farm Plan Program (EFP)
Ontario EFP Factsheets
Alberta EFP
The 4% Initiative: Food security and combating climate change

Planting the Seeds from Hadas Levy


Career Focus Program. Projects that employ recent graduates in agriculture
* Employees and Volunteers. Employment, apprenticeship, farm-stay etc.


The Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) has identified consumer resistance to GM wheat and unresolved issues about segregation of GM and non-GM wheat as the major obstacles supporting their ongoing opposition to the commercial release of GM wheat. The CWB recently released these comments in response to the May 2009 joint statement signed by various grain producing groups in Canada, the US and Australia vowing to work together to bring genetically modified (GM) wheat to market to save the global wheat industry.

Strategies to Minimize Genetic Contamination on Organic Farms (Acres, PDF)
The Center for Environmental Risk Assessment (CERA)
GM Crop Database
(previously hosted by AgBios)
Canadian Biotechnology Action Network GE Crops and Foods (On the market)
Organic & Non-GMO Report Information
Institute for Independent Impact Assessment in Biotechnology. Non-profit
Effects of Three GM Corn Varieties on Mammalian Health - International Journal of Biological Studies
GMO Compass News, background and information
Greenpeace Shoppers Guide
Health Canada New food products, especially GM: approval, regulations, labelling
Non GMO ProjectNon-GMO Project. Non-profit collaboration
Saskatoon Organic Agriculture Protection Program Grassroots political action
GM contamination incidents in Canada.
GM Labelling by country. Map showing which countries label GM foods.
GM Watch. Focus on hype, propaganda and spin to promote this technology
Seeds of Deception. Information on the dangers.
True Food Foundation. Devoted to the defense of the natural food supply

INSPECTION, STANDARDS & TESTING Directory of approved input products (Organic Federation of Canada)
*Soil (Canada and USA) and Water (BC, Alberta) Testing Labs & Services Contact information for soil testing labs
Independent Organic Inspectors Association. Training and networking
Organic Crop Improvement Association. Research, education and certification services
Organic Materials Review Institute. Lists of materials allowed and prohibited
Organic Trade Association. Promotes products, protects standards in N. America


* Acts, Codes & Regulations: for British Columbia and Canada.


Agribusiness Accountability Network. Promotes Collaborative Responses to Corporate Power.
Agriculture of the Middle. Seeks to renew the disappearing sector of mid-scale farms
Beyond Factory Farming Coalition. promote ecological livestock production
BC Rural Women's Network: to influence change with government and industry
BC Food Systems Network. Goal: eliminate hunger and increase food security in BC
Cornucopia InstituteCalifornians for GE-Free Agriculture. Non-profit, works with farmers, the media and consumers
Cornucopia Institute Research, advocacy, and economic development in support of ecologically-produced food.
FarmFolk/CityFolk Society. Working together for a sustainable, local food system
Genetic Resources Action International. Promotes people's control over genetic resources
Henry Doubleday Research Association. Research and promote organic gardening, farming, food
Land Stewardship Project. Promotes sustainable agriculture and communities
Network of Concerned Farmers. Aims to protect the rights of farmers to grow non GE crops.
Organic Farming Research Foundation. Fund on-farm research projects in North America


The 4% Initiative: Food security and combating climate change
Organic Farming for Health and Prosperity Organic Farming Research Foundation (PDF, 4.5MB. Aug., 2012)
British Columbia Organic Grower magazineBits & Bytes. Community Food Security Resources
Cornucopia Institute newsletter (sample)
Tools for Managing Pest and Environmental Risks to Organic Crops in the Upper Midwest
Farmbase (Organic Information for Vancouver Island Growers)
Northwest Berry Grower News (Berries Northwest)
Sustainable Agriculture Radio Show Archive (ATTRA)
Video Clips about Organic Farming (Xtension)
Farm (farm maps made easy)
Agri-Digest. Pan-Canadian Journal of Issues in Agriculture
Best Organic Management Practices: Farmers' Perspectives (U of Sask., PDF - 2MB)
Scientific Findings About Organic Agriculture
British Columbia Organic Grower
. All copies archived.
Organic Processing Magazine: digital or print versions available in North America. Currently (2010) free
Food Technology Buyers' Guide. Ingredients, packaging, services
Organic Agriculture Information Access. Pre-1942 USDA publications related to organic agriculture.
Organic E-prints. Open access archive for papers related to research in organic agriculture
New Agriculture Network. Seasonal advice to field crop and vegetable growers interested in organic agriculture
Country Guide magazine Canadian Farming News
On-Farm Research Guide. Basic plot layout, statistics for the layperson and other useful advice. [pdf 1MB]
Acres USA. Commercial-scale organic and sustainable farming
USDA National Agriculture Library: Searchable database of articles. Requires log-in.
Global Organic Farming Statistics and News. Provides key data and results of the global survey on organic agriculture
Organic Farming. Publications List
Organic Farming Research Foundation: Introduction, information, links
Permaculture: Introduction, information, links (see also video below)
Ram's Horn. Monthly journal of food systems analysis
International Society of Organic Agriculture Research. Research and teaching
Montana State University. Extension publications on agriculture
Organic Ag Info. U.S.searchable database of research and information . An online community for organic farming and food
History of Organic Farming. Wikipedia
Sustainable Farmer. Information about how to raise food and fibre mindfully
Texas Cooperative Extension. Agriculture business publications
Water, Agriculture & You. Rodale publication on improving water quality [pdf 7MB]

Permaculture on a Canadian Farm - Part 1 of 2
Watch Part 2
More information at Permaculture Canada

ACORN Blog - Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network
Organic Federation of Canada
The Ruminant - Illustrating intersting farm practices
Small Farm Resource Manual - by the Richmond Food Security Society


* Cyber-help's Organic farming Forum
BC Food Systems Network's Seed listserv
BC Agriculture Council - access from web page
BioFach's monthly newsletter
Canadian Organic Grower's E-Newsletter
On-Farm Trials and Experimentation forum - hosted by OACC
Forum to discuss general topics related to organic agriculture - hosted by OACC
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service - Weekly Harvest Newsletter
Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada's monthly E-zine
Rodale Institute's weekly newsletter
The Organic Centre's monthly e-mail: The Scoop
Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources' newsletters

Free Archives (must be a member to receive current newsletter)
OMRI Materials Review Newsletter
PCO newsletter

PESTICIDE AND HERBICIDE INFORMATION       See also: Pest & Weed Management

Beyond Pesticides - Identifying risks and promoting non-chemical and least-hazardous management alternatives.
Environmental Health Perspectives
- peer-reviewed research and news.
Pest management regulatory agency - label search for Canadian registered pesticide products
Pesticide Action Network: North American - Advancing alternatives to pesticides worldwide
Simplifying the Pesticide Risk Equation: The Organic Option - developed by the Organic Centre
Natural Resource Defense Council information website on pesticide dangers
Protecting Your Organic Land from Unwanted Chemical Sprays - (MOSES)
Extoxnet - The EXtension TOXicology NETwork - pesticide toxicology
Pesticides - Where to Find - Environment Canada
The Pesticide Data Program Data on pesticide residues detected in selected foods.
Glyphosate effects on diseases of plants - Johal & Huber
Pesticides in Produce - Handy wallet guide

See also: Machinery, Equipment and On-Farm Storage

* Organic Seed Sources: Chart showing all varieties available
Seeds of Change: The Changing Nature of Seed Ownership and Control in Canada
A Guide to Seed Saving, Seed Stewardship & Seed Sovereignty : The Seed Ambassadors Project [PDF]
Irrigation Calculator: for determining irrigation schedules - Gaia College, BC, Canada
Organic Seed Alliance: Supports development and stewardship of agricultural seed - USA
Seeds of Diversity Canada. Save rare seeds to promote diversity
Renewable Energy and Agriculture: A Natural Fit. Solar, wind, biomass


Alternative Farming Systems Information Center. Part of the U.S. National Agricultural Library
Health Observatory. Public health policy information.
US National Organic Program regulations. Standards, inspections, marketing practices


European Network for Scientific Research Coordination in Organic Farming.


Guelph Organic Conference. A leading annual North American organic agricultural event.
Organic Connections. an annual Prairie conference
Organic Alberta. has a diverse offering
COABC. Annual Conference


Both the film and the soundtrack were commissioned by Chipotle
to emphasize the importance of developing a sustainable food system.
Willie Nelson sings.

Pertinent Federal (Canadian) & Provincial (BC) Regulations
Organic Dairy Farming in Canada
Farm Equipment
Marketing Your Product
Organic Prices (fruit and vegetables)
Small Scale Food Processing
Pest Management
Soil (Canada, USA) and Water (BC, Alberta) Testing Labs & Services

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