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Cyber-help for organic farming in Canada

The Certified Organic Associations of BC provides support for this site: encouraging organic and alternative food production in Canada by improving accessibility to organic farming content online.

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Our objective is to encourage organic and alternative food production in Canada by improving accessibility to quality organic farming content online, while upgrading farmers' capacities to access that information. This will help to provide farmers and prospective farmers with the tools to function effectively in the new economy. While much of our material is Canadian, we also include useful information and links from other countries and realize too that our site can be very helpful to organic farmers using other languages and farming in other countries.
Note: Because a significant proportion of farmers is located in remote areas and don't have access to, or cannot afford, high-speed Internet access, we have kept this site quick-loading.

For our first two years, we were supported by a federal Canadian government grant. During this time we developed the Cyber-Help for Organic Farmers web site into one of the best online farming resources. We started in BC but quickly became a service for Canadian farmers - and many others too. Some of our material has a BC emphasis but we welcome input from across the country. Because this kind of funding cannot be extended, we have sought sponsorship from other sources.

Our sponsors have stepped forward to support the continuation of this web site and its associated services. We appreciate their vision and encourage you to take a look at our Sponsors Page and support them in whatever ways work for you.

In the LEARNING Learning resources for organic farming side of the website, you will find organic farming production (livestock, vegetable, fruit, specialty crops, greenhouses) information as well as connections to great resources on soil, marketing, farm equipment, organic farm certification, on-farm food safety and small-scale food processing.

On the SERVICES Services for Organic Farmers side of the web site visitors will find timely market information including prices, organic farming news, organic seed sources, Canadian farming announcements, useful farming links and a "business of farming" page.

Investigating GM animals Parliamentary Committee investigating GM animals
Who Owns What in the Organic food industry Who Owns What in the Organic food industry
Organic Dairy Farming in Canada Organic Dairy Farming in Canada
Bees and Beekeeping Bees and Beekeeping
Organic vegetable and fruit prices Organic vegetable and fruit prices - updated frequently
Organic Seed Sources - available varieties Organic Seed Sources - available varieties
Farming Equipment Farming Equipment

If the opportunity arises, please say thank you to our sponsors, without whom this venture would not be possible.

Jeffrey Newman, JN Web Design, manages the Cyber-Help site.
Rochelle Eisen, original coordinator of the BC Certified Organic Program's Cyber-Help Project, brought years of organic inspector, extension agent and adult education teaching experience. E-mail Rochelle at

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