Organic Sector Development Program - OSDP

What is OSDP?
The OSDP (officially called the Organic Sector Development Program Strategic Initiative) is a $900,000 fund for the development of the BC organic sector. Funding for the OSDP comes from "The Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program" (CAAP) and is administered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation. CAAP is a five-year (2009-2014), $163 million program with the objective of facilitating the agriculture, agri-food, and agri-based products sector's ability to seize opportunities, to respond to new and emerging issues, and to path-find and pilot solutions to new and ongoing issues in order to help it adapt and remain competitive.

Launched as a successor to the Advancing Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food (ACAAF) program, the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP) will continue to support industry-led initiatives at the national, regional, and multi-regional levels.

The Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP) intends on funding projects identified by the sector that align with priorities identified by industry and/or government at the national, regional, and multi-regional levels by focusing on:

  • Seizing opportunities
  • Responding to new and emerging issues
  • Path-finding and piloting solutions to new and ongoing issues

Projects funded under the OSDP should match the objectives indentified in the Organic Sector Strategic Plan 2009-2013.

OSDP funds will be awarded up to a 30:70 (project applicant/CAAP-OSDP) cost shared basis. Applicants are expected to provide at least 30% of the cash costs of their project. Please note that the fund cannot be used for capital costs (i.e. major equipment or asset purchases) or to fund business start-up costs. To determine what will meet funding criteria, please see the APPLICATION GUIDE (add link). Examples and/or suggestions of projects are listed in the guide. You may also contact the OSDP Co-ordinator (, to discuss the suitability your project. Please also review the IAF funding criteria "rules".

Funded Projects:

Click here for a list of approved projects to date and monies allocated

Who can apply:

Any person or organisation with an interest in the organic sector may apply. Sector participants may include primary producers, processors, handlers, members of the educational community and government and private regulators.

How to apply:

  1. Download the OSDP Application Form and Guide or call the office and have one sent to you.
  2. Send a letter of intent to the OSDP Co-ordinator. Draft a summary of your proposal and
    send it to: osdp(a)
  3. or mail to: COABC - OSDP, 202 3002 32nd Ave, Vernon BC Canada V1T 2L7.
    The OSDP Co-ordinator will review your idea andcontact you to discuss it.
  4. Once you have received advice from the OSDP Co-ordinator, prepare your application and send it to the OSDP coordinator. You can complete the application electronically and email it to the OSDP Coordinator atosdp(a) You can also fill it out, print it out and mail it to the COABC office. Please do not fax applications, as the fax quality is not good enough for transmission to the OSDP Advisory Committee.
  5. The OSDP Co-ordinator will review your application for completeness (send it well before the deadline) and provide copies to the OSDP Advisory Committee.
  6. The OSDP Advisory Committee provides recommendations regarding AFFF OSDP project applications to the COABC Board of Directors, based on criteria provided in the OSDP Strategic Plan and the annual Work Plan. The committee members:
    Peter Stockdale - Ravenstoft Farm Livestock member
    Emily Mackenzie - Agriculture Canada Ex-officio
    Susan Smith - BCMA Industry Specialist - Field Vegetables & Organics Ex-officio
    Miriam Esquitín - IAF Program Manager Ex-officio
    Linda Fogarty - Greenroom Organics Horticulture member
    Deb Foote - Organic Trade member
    Phyllis Nelson - Tree Fruit member
    Jen Cody - BC Food Systems Network Social/Environmental member
  7. Next deadline for applications:
    Jan 18 2013
    Apr 12 2013
    Jun 7 2013
    *NOTE - all projects must be complete by Dec 12 2013.

    Please send an electronic copy to osdp(a) by 3pm on the deadline date. Supporting documents may be sent no later than 1 week after the deadine. Electronic versions preferred.

  8. You will be notified as soon as possible after your application has been reviewed. The committee normally requires at least four weeks from the deadline to review material received.

The following documents are available to facilitate your application: They can be viewed and downloaded (below) or are available from the Initiative Coordinator.

Format: .pdf (Adobe Portable Document Format) requires the (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader

Click to view. Right-click to download:

If you have any questions about the OSDP, please contact Paddy Doherty by email at osdp(a)

OSDP Completed Projects Archive