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How to Use the Official Marks

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The 'Checkmark' logo is the symbol of the BRITISH COLUMBIA CERTIFIED ORGANIC program. It along with the phrase 'British Columbia Certified Organic' can be used to identify products produced in BC and certified by COABC accredited Certification Bodies. Products sold in other provinces or countries may display the ‘Checkmark’ logo if the product is COABC-ISO certified.

BC Certified Organic Symbol Users Guide
How to use the official marks – Fact sheet for producers #C-08
Consent to Use form
License Conditions
Consent to Use Form - for Uncertified Suppliers

For more information about how you can use the "Logo and Phrase" please contact your COABC Accredited Certification Body

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This Phrase and Program Symbol are the legal property of the British Columbia Provincial Government. Use of this Phrase and Program Symbol requires written authorization from an accredited certifying agency of the COABC. All other uses are prohibited