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COABC - Marketing Toolkit

Tools and Resources to Download

Here is a short summary of the marketing tools listed throughout the toolkit:

  • Brochures, aimed at consumers to provide them with more information about the benefits of certified BC organic products. Booklet: What is Organic Farming?
  • Fridge magnets , highlighting the COABC logo and consumer-oriented website.
  • Window decals – or “praise stickers” displayed at your retailer tells your customers’ customers that they’re buying certified BC organic products.
  • COABC signs or info-card templates , can be used by retail customers and by farmer’s market sellers to promote specials, or to note prices or sales.
    Download the Templates - MS Word Format, in a ZIP File (1.1 MB)

Check out these articles for detailed advice from farmer’s market veterans:

  • Some thoughts on selling at farmers’ markets
    Excellent advice from a veteran market seller, Nina Planck, after 25 years selling at farmers’ markets in the Washington, D.C area. She provides advice on everything from displays to pricing to customer service.
  • Selling at a Farmers’ Market
    From the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, this article provides a comprehensive list of things to bring and how to prepare for the most efficient and profitable day of selling at farmers’ markets.

For a thorough look at market options, with advice on everything from relationship building to financial planning:

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