North Okanagan Organic Association

Mailing Address

4834 Cedar Hill Rd
Falkland, BC  V0E 1W1

Contact Info

Administrator: Cara Nunn
Phone: 250-540-2557
Email: northorganics(a)


BC Certified Organic Program & Low Risk-Regional-Crop Production, Livestock, Processing

Date of Certificate

May 11, 2015-May 11, 2016

Certification Body Information

The North Okanagan Organic Association (NOOA) was formed in 1989 by a group of market gardeners and small-scale fruit and grain growers. The goals were to establish a certification procedure, to provide education for organic farmers, and to provide information about organic food to consumers.
Today NOOA provides certification services to an average of 40 operations annually. The commodity groups certified include market gardens, orchards, feed crops, cattle and chicken operations. Total acres in the certification program amount to some 3000 acres

Certification Services

NOOA’s certification services are available year round with a typical operation applying in the spring followed by up to two inspection periods through the summer months. A volunteer certification committee carefully reviews all applications and inspection reports and decides on the certification status of the operation. A paid coordinator assists in managing the paperwork for the committee and provides continuity to the process. A new applicant can expect to receive their certificate by the end of the first season following both inspections. Renewal applicants are generally issued certificates following the first committee meeting in April. All certificates are valid until mid-April of the following year.

Certification Costs

Our fee structure has remained one of the lowest at $395.00 per year. This fee includes the cost of inspection, application review by the Certification Committee, and administration costs associated with certification. The fee is prorated for applications coming in through the season. With this structure, an applicant can enter into the certification process at any time in the season. These applicants would enter the typical certification cycle in the following spring. Some additional costs may apply if an inspection is needed outside of the regular schedule. Every consideration is given for cost savings. Additionally, the COABC fees are payable upon application. Included with this fee is a subscription to the BC Organic Grower magazine published quarterly. These sliding scale fees are outlined on the following page:

Extra Services


NOOA also provides a volunteer mentoring service for new operations to help with the transition to Organic management practices. This program strives to match the new operation with a successful organic operation in a similar commodity group. The intent is to provide free exchange of information on marketing, best management practices and innovative developments within the organic sector.


On the educational front, NOOA hosts two forums a year. One in the Spring in conjunction with our annual general meeting and one in the late fall. The seminars are directed at pressing grower issues and offer an open discussion forum to have questions addressed directly. NOOA welcomes problems and concerns brought forward by the membership to have addressed at these forums.

Summer Farm Visits

NOOA encourages members to open their farm to the association during the summer months when we hold our annual summer farm visits. These are great networking opportunities and a chance for our members to brag up their operations. NOOA has also participated in community events around the region such as the Interior Provincial Exhibition and the Salmon Arm Fall Fair. Booth setup, information packages and consumer education media can be collected by the NOOA office and provided to any farmer wishing to promote organics.


NOOA publishes a quarterly newsletter that lets members keep abreast of changes happening locally and provincially as well as upcoming events. Any member wishing to get information out to others is welcome to put notice in the newsletter. All comments, questions and ideas are cheerfully handled by Cara Nunn in our office. Please feel free to call at any time.


NOOA provides its members with quality service and affordable, professional certification. NOOA goes the extra mile for its members by providing extra services such as mentoring, farm visits and seminar sessions. Call us to find out more about our clear, straightforward certification procedure.


Board of Directors


Vice President

Michelle Tsutsumi and Anita Fletcher

Doug Saba

Treasurer Tola Nelson
CC Chair Sarah Martel
COABC rep. Michelle Tsutsumi

Farm Tour Co-ordinator/

Winter meetings committee

COABC alternate Brian MacIsaac
Member at Large

Robert Bothe, Ashton Sweetman

Certification Committee


Mark Uher

Pim van Oeveren

Sarah Martel

Robin Wiens

Rebecca Kneen

Brianne Fester




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Membership Listing, Found 58 entries

Transitional Assessed to the BC Organic Standards and in transition to full organic status. For more information click here.
Pending Application for assessment to the BC Organic Standards submitted - certification review decision pending. For more information click here.

Enterprise Contact City Status Class
4 Elements Farm Sarah Martel,
Micheal Weinman
Westwold Certified
541970 BC Ltd. Hans Fankhauser,
Ida Fankhauser
Enderby Certified Farm
Bastion Ranch David Miege Tappen Certified Farm
Bella Stella Cheese Igor Ruffa,
Irma Ruffa
Lumby Certified Processor
Blind Tiger Vineyard Jerome Wowchuck,
Charlene Wowchuck
Winfield Certified Farm
Brookside Orchards Dwayne Baumle Vernon Certified Farm
Brymac Farms David Maclean,
Leslie Maclean
Lake Country Certified Farm
Cariboo Permaculture Dylan Cash,
Elizabeth Clode
Quesnel Transitional/T1 Farm
Cedarstein Farm Helmut Lang,
Heidi Lang
Lumby Certified Farm
Claremont Ranch Organics Matt Thurston,
Molly Thurston
Lake Country Certified Farm
Coldstream Creek Road Orchard Anita Fletcher,
Richard Enns
Coldstream Certified Farm
Crannog Ales Brian MacIsaac,
Rebecca Kneen
Sorrento Certified Processor
Curly Willow Farm Doug Saba Grindrod Certified Farm
Firefly Farm Robert Bothe,
Naomi Bothe
Kelowna Certified Farm
Fluster Cluck Talya Wood,
Cara Clark
Lillooet Transitional Farm
Full Circle Farm Cathy Glatiotis,
Randy Glatiotis
Salmon Arm Certified Farm
Garden Gate David Hoar Kamloops Certified Farm
Golden Ears Farm Michelle Tsutsumi,
Tristan Cavers
Chase Transitional/T2 Farm
Granby Gardens Organic Farm Michael Dean Grand Forks Certified Farm
Grand Union Farms Colleen Ross Grand Forks Certified Farm
Happy Valley Organics Ann Jackson Summerland T2 Farm
Healthy Hugs Organics Joe Hug Smithers Certified Farm
Kazy Farm Organics Eric Fell,
Jen Gamble
Salmon Arm Certified Farm
Kettle River Farm Owen Broad Grand Forks Certified Farm
Kirbydale Farm Greg Turner Edgewood Certified Farm
Lannon Farm Patrick Lannon,
Laura Lannon
Lytton T3 Farm
Learmouth Farm John Wells Coldstream T3 Farm
Left Fields Brian MacIsaac,
Rebecca Kneen
Sorrento Certified Farm
M & B Farms Michael Davies,
Beverly Davies
Lake Country Certified Farm
Mackin Creek Farm Rob Borsato,
Cathie Allen
Williams Lake Certified Farm
Manly Meadows Petra Nielsen Grand Forks Certified Farm
Mix Family Farm Danny Mix,
Kristen Mix
Grand Forks T3 Farm
Notch Hill Organic Farm Sue Moore Sorrento Certified Farm
Organic Acres Dave Jones,
Gail Jones
Monte Creek Certified Farm
Pilgrims' Produce Robert Hettler,
Kathryn Hettler
Armstrong Certified Farm
Quail's Farm Urs Baumann Vernon Certified Farm
Ravenstoft Farm Judy Stockdale,
Peter Stockdale
Vernon Certified Farm
Remo Harvest Kevin Murphy,
Mandy Murphy
Terrace Transitional Farm
Robson Valley Sheep Company Hani Gasser,
Theres Gasser
McBride Certified Farm/Livestock
Rocky Ridge Farm Ian Richardson,
Anne Richardson
Mara Certified Farm
Roots & Greens Farm Heino Peters,
Manuela Peters
Grindrod Certified Farm
Roots Up! Vegetable Farm Ian Hart,
Ashton Sweetman
Chase Transitional Farm
Sand Creek Organics Dieter Bay,
Elisabeth Bay
Grand Forks Certified Farm
Sapo Bravo Organics Ashala Daniel,
Rowan Lehmann,
Santana Stephens
Lytton Certified Farm
Sky Harvest Aaron Quesnel Vancouver Certified Sprouts
Slow Train Farm Mike Bird,
Stephanie Bird
Williams Lake T3 Farm
Spencer Hill Orchard Sheila Dobie,
Karl Lilgert
Grand Forks Certified Farm
Stein Mountain Farm Ron Coghlan,
Erin Coghlan
Lytton Certified Farm
Stepney Hills Farm Robin Wiens,
Beverly Wiens
Armstrong Certified Farm
Sumas River Farm Nathan Gelderman Abbotsford Certified Farm
Sun River Organics Ed Basile,
Daniela Basile
Kamloops Certified Farm
Tasty Acres on 30th Pim van Oeveren,
Mary-Ann van Oeveren
Salmon Arm Certified Farm
Thistle Farm Deb Kellog,
Dieter Dudy
Kamloops Certified Farm
UBC Farm Tim Carter,
Melanie Sylvestre,
Ryan Weemnoff
Vancouver Certified/T3 Farm/Livestock
Valhalla Farms James Nelson,
Tola Nelson
Merritt Certified Farm
Wild Flight Farm Louise Bruns,
Hermann Bruns
Mara Certified Farm
WoodGrain Farm Jonathan Knight Kispiox Valley Certified Farm
Wyse Farm Brad Wyse,
Julie Wyse
Vernon Certified Farm